Just a reminder


Happiness is best served with an evolving truth, full lip kisses and a naked heart, conversations that lead to personal growth, spring mornings and birds chirp chirpin', good lovin' in the evening and late night strolls in the park, representing each other wherever we may be...its sippin rose tea at brunch, exchanging smiles & props, thrift store shopping, pickin up what you like because I dig you "just that much." Its you believing in my personal convictions and understanding my understanding (yes, I meant that), and staring and examining old buildings and European architecture because that's my thing, and its me diggin whatever your thing is too. Its laying out my emotions on colorful china, and sewing a few buttons on your vintage jacket. Its peach cobbler in nana's old dish with ice cream or a glass of milk, anything with caramel sauce drizzled over it. I wanna see giraffes and elephants in the zoo too and just like in my dreams...I'll think of happiness as doing all of this with you.


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