Lyfe Silva


 I love her spirit, originality, confidence, and acceptance of self.

My spirit says YES


Today is ours, let’s live it.
And love is strong, let’s give it.
A song can help, let’s sing it.
And peace is dear, let’s bring it.
The past is gone, don’t rue it.
Our work is here, let’s do it.
Our world is wrong, let’s right it.
The battle hard, let’s fight it.
The road is rough, let’s clear it.
The future vast, don’t fear it.
Is faith asleep? Let’s wake it.
Today is ours. Let’s take it!

Beah Richards
(July 12, 1920 - September 14, 2000)

Dear sweet, beautiful, vibrant lady...I've met you and you've never met me, but I know you and I understand that yes, today is mine and I will own it. I will own it.

Meditate on this.


Borrowed from Tumblr (actual artist is unknown)

Relationships will undoubtedly be accompanied by difficulties, but it should not be difficult to love. I am completely sure of this. I believe that real love, like that Love Jones Darius to Nina type lovin' (spare me the argument of whether that is truly possible), is the bonafide truth-- no fillers. At the end of the day, whether you are willing to admit it or not, we all want to be accepted and cherished for our truth. Knowing this, I am bothered by the lack of effort and compassion that some of us have for each other and wonder how & why this has become so common among our sistas and brothas. As a black woman, I see myself in a black man, therefore, I am honored to be his partner and I treat him as such. As a lover, I hold myself accountable for the energy I put into a relationship and this world. As a lover, I treat my relationship as a gift from God and to God. What is mine is also his and being fully engaged & engrossed in his energy gives me a greater purpose. It fills me up....

That's real.



Dear Readers (and to my inner self):

I had no plans to write today. If I carefully examined the decisions I made as the day progressed, I do not recall the urge to re-edit this site or to even visit it, but here I am...smiling w/my teeth on full display and filled with an enormous (really) amount of excitement. I can't contain it any longer and know I shouldn't keep it to myself. I have to share it. 

I transitioned into the new year with a new focus (no rose-colored lenses), as I suppose most individuals do. I needed, no..I was hungry, starving...for positivity & true acceptance. I needed authenticity in every single aspect of my life. This should have been apparent to me before, but it wasn't. I used to feel like leaf, flowing through the wind...knowing that I was a part of something much greater, yet unable to understand what that "greater" was. Was it just a branch or a tree? Answer: A tree, branch, and more.

I am a writer who doesn't write every day, even though I've tried. I am a poet, plagued with writer's block more often than not. I am an artist who once wanted to fit the mold, but I can't any longer-- my truth will not allow me to do so. I am a student, whose university studies focus on art history, historic preservation, and art conservation. I am proud. I am evolving into.

A blog, this may be, but to me, it is a visual recording of my growth. I will not make any grand plans for it, but I will write and share...because I have to. Like Whoopi Goldberg said on an old episode of A Different World: "you are a voice in this world." Believe that.