Journal entry.


I have a wild obsession for history. The 1980's, especially the 70's, are two of my favorite eras of fascination. 
Right on, brotha.
Yah dig?

Every day, my interest in the style, language, and music of each time period leads to me to wikipedia, the bookstore, library, etc...and when I am awarded with a new piece of information, I must tell someone...anyone. My opening sentence when calling that lucky soul of a friend usually goes something like this: 
"sooo...I am such a nerd...did you know that 'fill in the blank'......?" 

Their response is pleasant of course, as I've always been openly crazy about anything "old," with the exception of heartache...which leads me to this glorious, yet silly (as if I didn't know this already) realization:  I need to open a vintage store. Please excuse me while I scream out loud for the sake of my own sanity...I AM OPENING A STORE!


Other new things:
Facial tutorials, via my Vimeo page
Organic/Health-related blog posts
More photography (I'm trying)

Any suggestions?

Peace & Light. 


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